CRM Teach the Trainer (CRMT)

The Teaching & Learning Train the Trainer (T&L) is a 3-day training course aimed ta any learner who is entering a classroom training role.

Course Overview

Crew Resource Management and Human Factors has evolved since first ever being delivered to United Airlines in 1981. As automation and AI becomes more intelligent and reliable, it continues to be humans that are more often the cause of incidents in the workplace.

A change is coming to CRM. Once called Cockpit Resource Management before progressing into Crew Resource Management, it is developing further still to incorporate all industries. Now commonly referred to as Human Factors, SkyPeople Training offer specialised training to those wishing to become a CRM instructor, as well as delivering and designing both initial and recurrent CRM courses of airlines.

Furthermore, SkyPeople Training now deliver and design Human Factors training to a variety of industries from health care to retail. Human Factors training raises awareness of environmental, organisational and job factors, and human and individual characteristics, which can influence behaviour at work in a way which can have an adverse effect on health and safety. Delivering CRM training to your workforce ultimately leads to a safer and inclusive environment.

Course Objective

- Recognise the Principles & Objectives of CRM Training
- Discuss EASA AMC & GM Requirements for Operator FC & CC Course Content
- Explain "CRM Culture"
- Give Instruction on Human Performance Limitations (HPL)
- Explore CRM Skills, Role Model Attributes & Personal Awareness
- Practise Different Facilitation Techniques for Delivering Effective CRM Training to Groups of People
- Practise How to Create a Safe, Supportive, Engaging & Motivationing Learning Environment
- Explore Different Methods for Leading CRM Subjects and Identifying /Addressing CRM Issues
- Observe and Practise Contructive Debriefing Techniques & Reflect on your Own Delivery
- Experience Your Own Growth in Confidence and Credability within CRM Training