UK Cabin Crew Attestation

SkyPeople Training Ltd are a UK Cabin Crew Training Organisation approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to deliver the Cabin Crew Attestation Training Course (CCA). This course is compliant with the guidance material as set out by Aircraft Regulation, Annex V Part-CC, Annex VI Part ARA and Annex VII Part ORA as applicable.

Attestation course Overview

The CCA Training is a 7-day course that has been condensed to 6 days by way of pre-course workbook. The course consists of 8 modules and has been developed for delivery both virtually and within a classroom setting. We can welcome a maximum of 20 learners with a classroom environment and a maximum of 12 learners virtually.

For those who attend a virtual course, this will consist of 5 days online training, followed by 1-day classroom session to cover all the practical elements plus an additional final exam.

Experienced Cabin Crew may also apply to attend an accelerated 4-day classroom course, applications will be reviewed based on criteria stipulated by the CAA.

Each module is tested for competency, and all module tests must be passed to achieve the CCA. Tests are a mix of practical assessments and multi-choice test papers.

As a CCTO we must ensure competency before issuing a CCA. In the event that a module is failed, 1 resit is permitted. If there are a total of 3 test failures, the learner would be asked to attend a future course for a resit. SkyPeople Training will provide support and coaching behind this move, to support success for the next course.

Learners must be 17 years of age to enrol on this course and cannot be fully tested and passed until their 18th birthday.

We are know for our fun, nurturing and engaging training style, we work with airlines from all over the world with 100% satisfaction in all of our feedback. SkyPeople Training Instructors have vast experience in airlines from both the UK, Europe and beyond. Sharing their experience ensures each learner develops their confidence and gains a valuable insight into the world of aviation.

The cost of a place on one of our existing UK CCA courses is £875+VAT where applicable, per person. For airlines/organisations whishing to book an entire course please contact [email protected], call 0161 203 3177 to discuss a quote, or fill out the contact form below.